Lydia Audlaluk

Lydia Audlaluk
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After teaching herself to bead necklaces in 2016, Ivujivik-raised, Montreal-based jeweller Lydia Audlaluk began her small business Anouapik Beadwork, named in honour of her young daughter. Today, her repertoire has expanded from necklaces to include bracelets and earrings, among the most popular being pairs of sealskin earrings decorated with delicate borders of beadwork. While her beadwork is self-taught, she credits her mother and her aunt with teaching her to sew, techniques that she uses for the sealskin and leather components of her work. Audlaluk cites the land she grew up in as being the inspiration for her beautiful pieces, with colour schemes often being inspired by natural phenomena such as the northern lights. Currently, she is an undergraduate student of psychology at Concordia University.

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Ivujivik, Nunavik