Nancy Pukingrnak

Nancy Pukingrnak


drawing, sculptural, sculpture/carving, textile

Artistic Community:

Qamani'tuaq (Baker Lake), NU

Date of Birth:

Artists may have multiple birth years listed as a result of when and where they were born. For example, an artist born in the early twentieth century in a camp outside of a community centre may not know/have known their exact date of birth and identified different years.

the Kivalliq Region


Nancy Pukingrnak Aupaluktuq was born in the Chantrey Inlet area of the Kivalliq region of what is now Nunavut and settled permanently in Qamani’tuaq (Baker Lake), NU, in 1958. The daughter of famed artist Jessie Oonark, who encouraged her to create, Aupaluktuq became involved with the arts and crafts program initiated in Qamani’tuaq in the early 1960s. She is best known for her intricate drawings and sculpture, and also for creating the textile wall hangings for which Qamani’tuaq is famous. Aupaluktuq’s work was first exhibited in Montreal in 1974 alongside the work of other Qamani’tuaq sculptors. Two years later she had her first solo show, Nancy Pukingrnak: Baker Lake Drawings and Sculptures, at the Upstairs Gallery in Winnipeg, MB. Pukingrnak’s work is held in the permanent collections of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, QC, the Indigenous art collection of Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs Canada, the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre in Guelph, ON, and the Winnipeg Art Gallery in Manitoba.