Noah Maniapik

Noah Maniapik
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Noah Maniapik is a printmaker from Panniqtuuq (Pangnirtung), NU. Beginning his practice in 2001, the artist has gone on to contribute to his community's annual print collection between 2001 and 2006. Maniapik prefers to create stencil prints, “each piece is an original” [1]. He creates colourful prints that depict daily life or events in his community, as well as black-and-white monochromatic artworks that present northern wildlife and his experiences living in the North. Maniapik commented that he also favours making prints with white images on black paper because “it’s really different” [2]. He routinely illustrates the connections between people, animals and the environment in the North.

The stencil print Our Food II (2011) depicts a large polar bear with a variety of other animals inside it, such as whales, fish, seals and a narwhal to simultaneously represent his experiences as a hunter, wildlife in the North and various animals that have historically been and continue to be important food sources for many Inuit communities. 

Maniapik has also participated in numerous workshops, tours and other events to demonstrate printmaking. During 2002, he travelled to eight Canadian cities--Lunenberg, NS, Oakville, ON and Toronto, ON--, with Andrew Qappik, CM to promote printmaking in Panniqtuuq [3]. He also led a printmaking workshop in May 2011 at the Museum of Inuit Art in Toronto, and travelled with Museum of Inuit Art representatives to the 2011 Inuit Art Society’s Conference, “Bringing the Power of Inuit Imagery to the Marketplace and Beyond: Inuit Expressions in Sculpture, Print, Jewellery and Tapestry” in Hamilton, ON [4].



2011: Led a printmaking workshop at the Museum of Inuit Art in Toronto, ON

2011: Led a printmaking workshop at Craft Ontario Shop (formerly The Guild Shop) in Toronto, ON

2011: Participated in the Inuit Art Society Conference, “Bringing the Power of Inuit Imagery to the Marketplace and Beyond: Expressions in Sculpture, Print, Jewelry and Tapestry” with the Museum of Inuit Art in Hamilton, ON

2002: Participated in a tour of eight Canadian cities with printmaker Andrew Qappik, CM to highlight their skills and promote printmaking in Panniqtuuq

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Panniqtuuq (Pangnirtung), NU

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