Noo Atsiaq


Noo Atsiaq was a carver from Kinngait, known for his white marble polar bear carvings, which he began carving in the late 2000s. His polar bears were expertly carved, displaying expressive faces and natural, elegant movement. He was inspired by the wildlife of the Arctic and was also a prolific carver of walruses and hunting scenes.

Atsiaq began carving at age eleven in Kinngait, learning his craft from watching his father, Alashua Atsiaq, himself a notable carver. He further refined his skills and aesthetic sensibilities while working for Nuna Parr, for whom he helped file and sand his carvings of bears.  Hcarvings of bears and other wildlife are well known for their harmonious curves and a whimsical touch, with playful poses of bears dancing, diving and walking.  

Atsiaq's work has been featured in exhibitions across Canada—from Vancouver to Quebec City—and he was featured in an exhibition on Polar Bears at the Canadian Arctic Gallery in Basel, Switzerland.


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Kinngait (Cape Dorset), NU

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