Nooks Lindell

Nooks Lindell


Keenan “Nooks” Lindell is an artist from Arviat, NU and one third of Hinaani Designs, a company that promotes Inuit culture by combining traditional aesthetics and patterns as well as Nunavut imagery with contemporary clothing design [1].

As an artist Lindell creates traditional Inuit tools including ulus, drums, panas and is learning to work with sealskin. He has also worked in digital media in multiple roles including director and actor for the Inuktitut TV series Qanurli? and did camera work for the documentary Artic Greenhouse [2].

Lindell also works at the Kivalliq Wildlife Technician for the Government of Nunavut. As an artist and designer Lindell has travelled around the country showing and selling Hinaani Designs as well as his own work. In 2018 Lindell with Hinaani Designs attended the inaugural Indigenous Fashion Week in Toronto, ON.

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Graphic Arts, Photography, Sculpture, Textile

Artistic Community:

Arviat, NU

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Arviat, NU