Ossie Michelin

Ossie Michelin
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Growing up in a large family of storytellers, Ossie Michelin heard again and again about the history of Labrador trappers and stories of his ancestors. As he moved away to attend university he became surprised that almost no one knew about Labrador, or Labrador Inuit. It became his mission to share these stories about Labrador, Inuit and the Indigenous world. After graduating from Concordia University’s Journalism program, he worked for APTN National News, eventually opening the APTN Labrador Bureau. After leaving APTN, Michelin worked with Torngat Arts and Crafts to promote Labrador Inuit art as well as acting as a visiting artist with the Labrador Creative Arts Festival. in 2016, he began working with the Tradition & Transition Research Partnership between Memorial University and the Nunatsiavut Government. With this position, Michelin worked to help promote Labrador Inuit culture, language, and research. In 2017, two of his photos were selected by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, with one picture winning best in the category of Reconciliation and best photo over all. Currently, he is making a documentary about the Muskrat Falls Project, which threatens to contaminate fish, seal and other food sources for Inuit living in Central Labrador.

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Digital Media, Film, Installation, Photography

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North West River, NL

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Happy Valley-Goose Bay, NL

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