Passa Mangiuk

Passa Mangiuk


Passa Mangiuk an illustrator, printmaker and writer. As a child she use to watch her brother draw and found inspiration in the shadows shapes [1]. Recently, Mangiuk’s linocut prints were exhibited at Feheley Fine Arts in Toronto, ON in a group show Convergence North/South. This exhibition was the collaborative project between Mangiuk and three other artists Qumaq Iyaituk, Mary Paningajak and Lyne Bastien. The collaboration resulted in four panels of 28 framed linocut prints on coloured Somerset paper. Each artist created their own panels of linocuts while sharing each other's printing plates, each depicting symbols, objects and artefacts related to Inuit culture [2]. The project took place in Ivujivik, Nunavik, Quebec between May 2017 and February 2018, when artist Lyne Bastien invited three artists Qumaq, Mary and Passa to her home studio. Mangiuk has also illustrated for a number of books and has written her own stories referencing her community. 

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Graphic Arts, Literature

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Ivujivik, QC

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