Phebe Bentley

Phebe Bentley
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Phebe Bentley is a seamstress and jeweller and the creative mind behind “Lookin Sharp by Phebe”, her line of caribou antler earrings. Based in Montreal, QC, Bentley was initially inspired to begin crafting the earrings in 2019 on a visit to Kangirsuk, Nunavik, QC, where her family resides. After collecting bleached antlers from the land, Bentley began using handsaw to cut cross sections of the antlers that she decorates with elaborate borders of beads.

“I like to evolve or try new things, but the antlers are fun for me,” Bentley says of her practice, which includes working with sealskin, leather and textiles to make mitts and kamiks, “It was a little bit challenging and a learning curve.” [1]

While much of her textile production is seasonal and takes place in the fall and winter, Bentley produces her jewellery throughout the year, using antlers shipped to her from Nunavik from her mother and aunts. Among her favourite pieces to carve and produce include beaded antler cross sections designed to emulate a qulliq, a seal oil lamp traditionally tended to by women.

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