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Yellowknife, NT

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Reneltta Arluk is an actor, storyteller, playwright, director and producer. For over ten years she has been a part of Indigenous theatre programming across Canada. She received a BFA in Acting from the University of Alberta in 2005 and was the first Indigenous woman and Inuk woman to graduate from the program. In addition to appearing in numerous film, television and stage productions Arluk also runs Akpik Theatre based in Yellowknife.View Long Biography and Citations


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Title Year Author
Pawakan Macbeth translates the Bard into an Indigenous tale February 14, 2020 Marsha Lederman
Shared Lines: Why one Inuvialuk woman decided to get facial tattoos December 16, 2019 Reneltta Arluk
The importance of cultural safety and unity September 9, 2019 Reneltta Arluk


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Achievement Year Organization
Nomination for Outstanding performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role 2017 Jessie, Vancouver and Small Theatre in RedPatch
Nomination for Best Actress in a Lead Role 2016 META (Montreal English Theatre Award)
David S.R. Leighton Arts Fellowship Recipient 2007 National Arts Centre


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Title Year Role
Redpatch Mar - Apr 2017 St. McGuinty/Raven/She Rides Between
The Breathing Hole 2017 Director
Pig Girl Jan - Feb 2016 Dying Woman


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Title Release Date Role
Artist Spotlight | Reneltta Arluk November 24, 2015 Featured Artist

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