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Robert Kautuk
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Robert Kautuk is a photographer based in Kangiqtugaapik (Clyde River), NU who uses a digital SLR camera and drones to document stunning views of the Canadian Arctic, in addition to his community and traditional practices. One of his most well-known photographs was taken using a drone to capture a group of hunters preparing two recently harvested walruses caught as part of a Piqqusilirivvik Inuit Cultural Learning Facility program out of Kangiqtugaapik [1]. He has also captured incredible videos of walruses in the Arctic Ocean. Kautuk’s use of technology provides a special look at rarely seen moments, activities or landscapes are not accessible or possible to capture using conventional cameras [2]. 

In addition to his own practice, Kautuk is also a regular contributor to Nunatsiaq News. He also works in IT, as photographer for Ittaq Haritage and Research Centre and is a noted contributor to northern mapping projects [3]. Kautuk has appeared in many publications including the Inuit Art QuarterlyUp Here Magazine and Above&Beyond.

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Kangiqtugaapik (Clyde River), NU

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