Roberta Baikie-Andersen

Roberta Baikie-Andersen
Courtesy Interview Video by Heather Igloliorte


Roberta Baikie-Andersen is an artist from Rigolet, NL, who now resides in Makkovik, NL. Baikie-Andersen grew up in an artistic family, and she learned her skills from several of her family members.

Andersen learned knitting, sewing, and grasswork from her mother; as a teenager, she learned how to make sealskin mitts from her father; and from her aunt, she learned how to pleat the bottoms of boots [1]. Seeing both her parents sew was important for Andersen and it demonstrated that sewing was a skill anyone could learn and use. Building on her family knowledge, Andersen began making patterns and designs for purses, coats and wall hangings [2].

Andersen often thinks of how she wants the piece to look aesthetically before combining it with functionality [3]. She draws inspiration from her many materials such as hides, pelts and a variety of fabrics. One of Andersen’s signature moves is to repurpose clothing items such as patterned shirts or leather jackets [4]. This practice is essential to the region, as stores and supplies are limited, and demonstrates Andersen’s adaptability in her art. Andersen’s current focus is on sewing projects but she looks forward to getting back into grasswork, which is more methodical and requires a slower pace [5]. Many of her pieces are inspired from the shape and style of the Nunatsiavut-style ulu.

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