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Ryan Winters


Ryan Winters is an emerging photographer from Hopedale, NL whose work focuses on aspects of time, change, tradition and modernity in relation to Inuit ways of life. Winters first began experimenting with photography around the age of 10, using a 35mm film camera before transitioning to digital [1]. A largely self-taught photographer, he is interested primarily in landscapes and wildlife.

Winters often depicts movement and the changing intensity of light, water and landscape effects in the Arctic. He uses the photographic process of double exposure to layer the aurora borealis over the landscape, creating striking images that juxtapose the shifting light phenomenon with Arctic scenery. Winters favours low-light conditions and often takes photographs late at night, allowing him to capture the night sky. He is also known for his portraiture, which often features Inuit subjects such as family, friends, animals, personal possessions and homes [2]. 

Winters has participated in numerous photography workshops and worked professionally as an event photographer [3]. He co-directed the 2015 film Handcrafted Hopedale, which illustrates the creative process of local artists. The film premiered at the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival that year.

Winters' work was featured in the exhibition SakKijâjuk: Art and Craft from Nunatsiavut, which first opened at The Rooms in St. John’s, NL and is currently touring institutions across Canada.

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Hopedale, NL

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