Sheena Gibson

Sheena Gibson


Born in Inuvik, NWT and raised in Kelowna, BC Sheena Gibson pursued a BFA from the University of British Columbia Okanagan after initially falling in love with art in high school. Impressionist painters and artists such as Marc Chagall inspire Gibson’s whimsical work that is focused lovingly on Inuvialuit life and culture.

“I like to paint people because we can relate to that, but I like to paint animals as well,” she says, “It’s not like they can paint themselves! But they deserve to be portrayed in our art.” [1]

An ambitious artist, her work can often reach dimensions of up to 6x7ft, painted on wooden frames constructed for her by her father. Although painting now forms the core of Gibson’s artistic practice, she has also worked in photography and carving.

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Edmonton, AB

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