Taalrumiq/Christina King


Taalrumiq/Christina King is a seamstress based in Prince George, BC and the owner of her own line of handmade Inuvialuit clothing, “Feel the Gentle Breeze”. Originally hailing from Tuktoyaktuk, NWT, King now resides in Prince George, BC, where she creates her traditional garments with contemporary flare. Typically using patterns passed down for generations, as well as creating her own, King enjoys experimenting with unconventional prints and materials such as fringe, sequins and glitter to create her one-of-a kind spring parkas, parka covers, mitts, mukluks and more.

“I want people to feel empowered, confident and proud of our culture when they wear the traditional garments I’ve made,” she says. [1]

Learning to sew from her mother and aunties using techniques and patterns passed down to them from her Nanuk, King remains inspired by the seamstresses that have come before her and adds that she is working to pass down the skills to her own children, and others who want to learn.

“They’re the ones I owe my talent and my skills to,” she says of the seamstresses she learned from, “For my Nanuk, sewing wasn’t always just to express her creativity, although she was very creative, it was really about survival. She made traditional clothing to face the harsh arctic elements.” [2]

King completed her technical training in fashion from the University of Alberta, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Human Ecology, and Bachelor of Education degrees in 2009, with a Home Economics/Fashion Studies major and Art minor.

Enjoying a playful and inventive twist on her sewing practice, King also creates what she calls an “Inuvialuit onesie” using traditional materials and patterns and based off the popular onesie pyjamas. When she is not working on sewing projects, King also paints in acrylics and makes prints.


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Fabric, Jewellry, Painting, Printmaking, Textile

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Prince George, BC

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