Tammy Ann Hannaford

Tammy Ann Hannaford
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Tammy Ann Hannaford is an artist from Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, NL, where she learned to bead as a young child. The daughter of carver Derrick Pottle, Hannaford is artistically inspired by her father, brother Tim and other teachers in her life. She now lives in rural Ontario with her husband and four children.

Hannaford loves to make antler, resin and flower earrings, which she sells through her business Porcupine Kunik. She is an artist at heart and enjoys experimenting with other materials, like walrus tusk, or trying her hand at soapstone carving. “I love to be creative—it’s my passion,” says Hannaford. “I like minor carpenter projects, sewing, painting and anything to do with being creative.” [1]  

Hannaford began sewing and crafting in order to stay home and raise her children. She started her business, Porcupine Kunik, after selling some of her beadwork in the Nunatsiavut Christmas auction. She decided to create social media platforms and a website for her business. She now does a sale once a month on her website. 

Through social media platforms, Hannaford is inspired by the other artists she connects with. “I’ve met a lot of artists and gained some friendships,” she says. “We share stories and ideas with each other.” 

Family is very important to Hannaford, and she hopes that her four children will be able to be involved in her business as they grow. Looking to the future, Hannaford would like to partake in the Northern Lights trade show and continue to explore her skills and creativity, like incorporating carvings into her jewellery. “I feel very fortunate to be doing what I love,” she says. 

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