Thomassie Kudluk

Thomassie Kudluk


Thomassie Kudluk (1910-1989) was an artist based in Kangiqsuk (Kangirsuk), Nunavik, Quebec. He worked primarily in sculpture to create humorous and unique works.

In Woman Taking Man Home from Pool Hall (1976) the figure of a woman is carrying a man over her shoulders, with a disappointed look on her face. Carved in syllabics across the work is the inscription, "She says her boyfriend is always going to the pool hall and she is bringing him back." Through the inscription, Kudluk reveals the domestic struggle taking place. He also brings a sense of humour to this struggle, through the image of a woman so frustrated with her partner that she has literally picked him up to take him home from the pool hall. 

Kudluk's work has been exhibited internationally and he has appeared numerous times in the Inuit Art Quarterly including most recently in the Fall 2018 issue.

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Graphic Arts, Sculpture

Artistic Community:

Kangiqsuk (Kangirsuk), QC

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