Vinnie Karetak

Vinnie Karetak


Vincent “Vinnie” Karetak was born in Arviat, NU, and has been living in Iqaluit, NU, for the past 20 years [1]. Karetak is an actor for film, TV and the stage, as well as a drum dancer and emcee. He is a strong presence at Nunavut’s festivals, events and concerts [2].

Karetak has tireless commitment to Inuit language and culture [3] and champions Inuit performing artists. He is one of the owners of the production company, Qanukiaq, as well as a writer, producer and actor on one of the North’s most popular shows, Qanurli, now entering its seventh season on Aboriginal Peoples Network (APTN) [4]. He has acted in various other television shows and films, including The Grizzlies (2018) and Two Lovers and a Bear (2016) [5]. Karetak also co-directed, wrote, and was an original actor in the ground-breaking theatre work Kiviuq Returns: An Inuit Epic [6] and has toured with it across the country. 



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Film, Performing Arts

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Iqaluit, NU

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Arviat, NU