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What Inuit Artists Are Grateful For In 2020

Dec 04, 2020
by IAQ

This year has been a challenging one for artists and art lovers alike, but there have also been bright spots. Rather than focusing on the negative, join us in celebrating the positive things that have happened to Inuit artists as they deserve to be celebrated.


Kyle Natkusiak Aleekuk
Dimensional Relatives (2020) Watercolour 22 × 28 cm

“In 2020, I quit my job to pursue ‘something else’. I dusted off my old paints and brushes and began pursuing art once again. My work was noticed by Tusaayaksat Magazine and I got the opportunity to work with them as an Art Director. We’ve collaborated on several issues as well as designed a set of digital emojis and GIFS created to help people learn Inuvialuktun. This has opened several doors for me such as writing an article published within the Inuit Art Quarterly, refining my skills and exploring digital media thanks to a grant from the Edmonton Arts Council.  I’m very thankful for all the support that I’ve received and I couldn’t be more grateful knowing that my art resonates with people.”

Kyle Natkusiak Aleekuk
Graphic art
Edmonton, AB


Eldred Allen Calm Evening in Rigolet (2019) COURTESY THE ARTIST

“Inuit culture and tradition are resilient by nature and even in these difficult times, Inuit artists are producing amazing work. Seeing other artists continue to create such beautiful works motivates me to learn and grow in my photography.” 

Eldred Allen
Photography and film
Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, NL


Chantal Jung
Amber (2018) Mixed media

“I am grateful for the relationships that have formed virtually. New friendships and collaborations have led me to meeting different Inuit artists, collaborating more closely on art projects, and leading more workshops virtually, even at a distance. I am especially grateful for the Inuit Art Foundation for featuring my collages on the cover of the Inuit Art Quarterly, and being able to participate in the virtual workshops learning more about traditions.”

Chantal Jung
Animation and collage
San Jose, California


Katherine Takpannie
Untitled (2017) Digital photograph

“I have been honoured to be announced one of three New Generation Photography Award winners of 2020! And have been given the amazing opportunity to be featured in two group exhibitions: one in Toronto during the Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival in May, and the other at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa in October.”

Katherine Takpannie
Ottawa, ON


Jason Sikoak
Inuk Starry Night (2019) Ink on paper
Courtesy the Artist

“Though it is hard to imagine that in 2020 we have anything to be thankful for and it seems that everyone is in a state of despair, I have to say this: I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, food in my belly (though more country food would be appreciated), and to have people close who love and care for me!”

Jason Sikoak
Graphic art
Montreal, QC


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