• TunnillieOvilooTiredWoman

    Transcending the Particular: Feminist Vision in the Sculpture of Oviloo Tunnillie

    A remarkable female sculptor whose works embodied women in all facets of life.
  • AshevakKarooSpirit2

    Challenging Convention: The Expressive World of Karoo Ashevak

    An Inuit art sensation who dominated Talurjuaq's sculptural scene.
  • PitseolakJamaseeAroara

    The Object Truth: Jamasee Pitseolak’s World of Stone

    A stone collagist carefully refiguring the expectations of Inuit sculpture.
  • NiapUntitled2016Detail

    Niap Takes On Narrative Ties

    Artistic history in the making
  • shiwakinezmygreatgrandparentscabin2

    Inez Shiwak: From Seamstress to Activist

    Heather Igloliorte profiles this multidisciplinary star on the rise.
  • JacqueBronsonDogTeam

    Bronson Jacque Puts Distance in Perspective

    A Nunatsiavut-born oil painter with a story to tell.
  • KyakMontiethMeganWhaleHunt

    Memory in the Making: The Paintings of Megan Kyak-Monteith

    Kyak-Monteith explains the methodology behind her signature dreamy oil paintings.
  • BlechertChristopherTern

    Christopher Blechert

    Christopher Blechert is a Yellowknife-based photographer who documents contemporary urban life in the North through subtle maneuvers of light and shade.
  • THomassieRebeccaNamesForSnow(Still)

    Names For Snow

    In this interview, Kangirsuk-based emerging filmmaker Rebecca Thomassie shares the originals of her directorial debut, Names For Snow, and what she hopes audiences will take away from the film.
  • KablusiakUyarakStone


    Kablusiak works across media, using their art “as a coping mechanism to subtly address diaspora, and to openly address mental illness.” The result is a practice seasoned with the macabre, made palatable by the sweetness of its delivery.
  • NurakiKoperqualukGabrielFractalRiverStill

    Gabriel Nuraki Koperqualuk

    Multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker Gabriel Nuraki Koperqualuk has spent his career connecting to his Nunavimmiut identity while living and producing art in an urban centre.
  • HansenAka(GreenlandFilmMakers)HalfandHalfStill

    Aka Hansen

    While much of Hansen’s work is made with a Greenlandic audience in mind, her experimental shorts and horror features have garnered just as much attention from international viewers.
  • AveryKatieDoaneGently,JenniferStill3

    Katie Doane Avery

    From intimate family dramas to a steam punk, alt-historical epic, Iñupiaq filmmaker Katie Doane Avery’s category-defying stories continue to challenge the stereotypical tropes that often pervade narrative filmmaking.
  • FolgerMosha(FolgerTulugaqProductions)IgluAngirraqStill

    Mosha Folger

    Films have been an integral part of Mosha Folger’s life since he can remember. From documentaries to music videos, the director captures the numerous social, economic and political issues facing those living throughout the Arctic.
  • GearGlennKablunatLegendoftheOriginoftheWhitePeopleStill

    Glenn Gear

    Animator, filmmaker and visual artist Glenn Gear explores his identity as an urban Inuk with ancestral ties to Nunatsiavut by working with film and installations to capture the liminal space between natural and built environments.
  • TakpannieKatherinePushingThrough

    Katherine Takpannie

    Ottawa-based photographer Katherine Takpannie captures the complexities and nuances of urban Inuit life with her expansive scenes and intimate portraits.
  • SailaOoloosieRockFormation

    Ooloosie Saila

    One of the most original young artists working in Kinngait (Cape Dorset), NU, today, Saila has gained an almost immediate, enthusiastic following in the South for her whimsical creatures and otherworldly landscapes.
  • GrubenMaureenUntitled(DeltaTrim)

    Maureen Gruben

    “The smell of moose hide is a very warm, inviting smell. As an Indigenous person, it brings you home [from] wherever you are as there is this connection to the land and the smell of smoke and hide; it’s a very familiar smell.”
  • VanHeuvelenCouzynAvataq

    Couzyn van Heuvelen

    Iqaluit-born sculptor and installation artist Couzyn van Heuvelen has created something distinctive with Avataq, a project consisting of several handmade foil balloons resembling traditional sealskin floats.