Siasie Audlaluk

Siasie Audlaluk
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Siasie Audlaluk is an artist from Ivujivik, Nunavik, QC, who creates earrings out of sealskin, leather and seed beads. Audlaluk sells her creations on Instagram under her label Sapangaapi, which means “beautiful bead.”

Audlaluk began working solely with Miyuki beads, but began incorporating other materials when she “got inspired” [1]. The multimedia approach has rapidly become Audlaluk’s favourite, because it enables her to combine beading with sewing. Her cousin Lydia Audlaluk has played a big role in Siaise’s practice; Lydia taught Siasie all of her techniques virtually, and has shared patterns with her that form the basis for some of Siasie’s designs.

Although all her earrings feature a range of colours, Audlaluk says “I don’t like choosing [them].” She prefers to create freely and has one of her sisters make the colour choices once in a while. 

Audlaluk hopes that her work will encourage other young people to experiment and to make anything they want. “It takes time and patience,” to bead, she reflects, hoping that others will continue to hone their skills.

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Ivujivik, QC

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