• AupilardjukPierreBoyleSharyKurokJohnNuliajukOqaluppoq

    A Conversation with Shary Boyle and Pierre Aupilardjuk

    Shary Boyle and Pierre Aupilardjuk discuss their ceramic collaborations and Aupilardjuk’s experience at the Matchbox Gallery in Kangigliniq, where he’s been making ceramics and teaching for over 20 years.
  • IgloliorteSusannahAndersenChantellePamakSophieSakkijajukInstallationView


    SakKijâjuk is the first nationally touring exhibition of Inuit art from Nunatsiavut. Jennifer McVeigh reviews what is a thoughtful, multifaceted exhibition on a wide variety of creative practices.
  • BlechertChristopherTern

    Christopher Blechert

    Christopher Blechert is a Yellowknife-based photographer who documents contemporary urban life in the North through subtle maneuvers of light and shade.
  • HayGilbertInukshuk


    Tobey Andersen traces printmaking's elusive history in Nain, Nunatsiavut, NL, from its beginnings in 1976 to the present day.
  • LaisaAudlalukWatskoUntitled(ItWasMidnight)

    Laisa Audlaluk-Watsko

    In this interview with IAF Senior Editor John Geoghegan, Laisa Audlaluk-Watsko, an artist from Grise Fiord, NU, talks about what she hopes to express through her photography on a personal and cultural level.
  • Robert Kautuk Untitled (SeaIce Breaking Up)

    Robert Kautuk

    In this short interview with IAQ Senior Editor John Geoghegan, Kangiqtugaapik-based artist Robert Kautuk talks photography and technology.
  • GordonMaryUntitled2019

    Mary Gordon

    The IAQ's John Geoghegan interviews emerging Arctic photographer Mary Gordon of Kuujjuaq, QC, about her artistic practice.
  • EldredAllen Rigolet Sunset

    Eldred Allen

    The IAQ's John Geoghegan interviews Eldred Allen of Rigolet, Nunatsiavut, NL, about his development from drone pilot and business owner to photographer.
  • TisigaJasonResilience123TheGameIsNotAGame

    Curatorial Notes on the National Gallery of Canada

    Àbadakone | Continuous Fire | Feu continuel is the second in an ongoing series of exhibitions organized by the National Gallery, focusing on contemporary Indigenous art from around the world.
  • GrubenMaureenMovingWithJoy(Formation2)

    From an Artist’s Perspective

    Maureen Gruben talks with IAQ’s Napatsi Folger about her latest solo exhibition, her use of traditional and industrial materials, and how Gruben constructs her large scale installations on the land.
  • ArtToronto2019DarcieBernhardt

    Art Toronto 2019 Round-up

    Art Toronto 2019 featured more Inuit art than ever. But did it sell? The IAQ caught up with gallerists, artists and collectors for their take on this year’s fair and the presence of Indigenous arts.
  • BernhardtDarcieNanukAndNanogak

    Refreshing Representation

    While in town as the IAF's featured artist for Art Toronto 2019, Darcie Bernhardt spoke with IAQ's Senior Editor John Geoghegan about her artistic practice and Inuvialuit artist representation.
  • EchalookThomassieLandscapeOfInoucdjouac


    Janice Grey opens the archives of la Fédération des coopératives du Nouveau-Québec and examines works from the early printmakers of Inukjuak, Nunavik, QC.
  • THomassieRebeccaNamesForSnow(Still)

    Names For Snow

    In this interview, Kangirsuk-based emerging filmmaker Rebecca Thomassie shares the originals of her directorial debut, Names For Snow, and what she hopes audiences will take away from the film.
  • KalbusiakLookingAtFacebook

    6 Staff Picks for Art Toronto 2019

    Now in its 20th year, Art Toronto presents art from Canadian and international galleries alongside lectures and panel discussions. For this year's Art Toronto, IAQ staff choose six must-see artists.
  • VakhrushevAlekseiTheBookOfTheSeaStill

    The Book of the Sea

    Aleksei Vakhrushev’s new film The Book of the Sea is a hybrid documentary that blends the traditional harvesting practices of contemporary Chukotkan whale hunters with the claymation story of “the woman who gave birth to a whale”.
  • McIntyreLindsayHerSilentLife(Still)


    IAQ Contributing Editor Napatsi Folger speaks with Lindsay McIntyre about her film project Bloodline, which will be on display at Art Toronto, discussing the origins of the project and from whence McIntyre’s artistic practice derives.
  • IgloliorteMarkPulattikAngiggak

    Motion and Movement

    IAQ Contributing Editor Emily Henderson speaks with interdisciplinary artist Mark Igloliorte about working with new artistic mediums, his influences, and motion and movement.

    An Act of Resistance

    PIQSIQ sisters and throat singers Tiffany Kuliktana Ayalik and Kayley Inuksuk Mackay leave listeners enthralled on their debut EP, teaming up with producer Ruby Singh to blend rhythmic throat singing with entrancing beats.
  • KablusiakUyarakStone


    Kablusiak works across media, using their art “as a coping mechanism to subtly address diaspora, and to openly address mental illness.” The result is a practice seasoned with the macabre, made palatable by the sweetness of its delivery.
  • BarnabyJeffBloodQuantumStill

    IAQ Staff highlight their must see films and events at imagineNATIVE

    The IAQ staff picks their must-see films and showcases at the 2019 ImagineNATIVE Film and Media Arts Festival, taking place in Toronto from Oct. 22 to 27.
  • TeeveeNingiukuluAasiva(Spider)

    Kinngait Rewind

    To celebrate the 60 years of printmaking in the Kinngait (Cape Dorset) community, IAF staff share their decade-specific picks.
  • MMFAGallery

    A New Vision

    Lisa Koperqualuk, newly appointed Curator and Mediator of Inuit Art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, speaks with IAQ Contributing Editor Emily Henderson about her new role, Inuit leadership, and lots more.
  • GrubenMaureenWeAllHaveToGoSomeday

    Transits and Returns

    Ahead of the opening of Transits and Returns at the Vancouver Art Gallery, co-curator Tarah Hogue speaks with IAQ Contributing Editor Emily Henderson on the show’s central themes of movement, mobility and migration.
  • KubluitokDayleAquaticCentreMural

    Interview with Emerging Artist Dayle Kubluitok

    Was sit down with Iqaluit-based artist Dayle Kubluitok at the Nunatta Sunakkutaangit Museum to discuss her artistic process and her recently completed a mural in the Iqaluit Aquatic Centre.
  • KiakshukSeaMonstersDevouringWhales


    Nakasuk Alariaq relates the history of celebrated artist and shaman Kiakshuk, whose prints are among the earliest to come out of Kinngait (Cape Dorset), NU.
  • MontrealMuseumOfFineArts

    Lisa Quluqqi Koperqualuk named Curator of the MMFA

    Vice President of International Affairs at the Inuit Circumpolar Council Lisa Quluqqi Koperqualuk to join the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts team as their new Curator and Mediator of Inuit Art.
  • EmbassyOfImaginationTorontoBiennial

    Embassy of Imagination Parade Opens the Toronto Biennial of Art

    On September 21st, the Toronto Biennial opened to the public in locations across Toronto. Ambitious in scope, the inaugural edition of the Biennial promises “72 Days of Free Art” along the waterfront.
  • LonsdaleMayLoonsCuringTheBlind

    Loons Curing the Blind

    IAQ’s John Geoghegan takes a closes look at one of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council’s rejected prints: “Loons Curing the Blind” by May Lonsdale
  • TunnillieIkayuktaBirdsAndDogFeeding

    Birds and Dog Feeding

    Couzyn Van Heuvelen takes a closer look at one of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council’s rejected prints, “Birds and Dog Feeding” by Ikayukta Tunnillie.
  • UtanaaqPaulDrumDanceInTheIgloo

    Drum Dance in the Igloo

    Mark Igloliorte takes a closer look at one of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council’s rejected prints, “Drum Dance in the Igloo” by Paul Uta’naaq
  • Thomassie Echalook - Untitled (1976)

    Untitled (1976)

    Janice Grey takes a closer look at one of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council’s rejected prints, “Untitled” by Thomassie Echalook
  • ParrUntitled(7Geese4People2Dogs)

    Untitled (7 Geese, 4 People, 2 Dogs)

    Mark London takes a closer look at one of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council’s Rejected Prints, “Untitled (7 Geese, 4 People, 2 Dogs)” by Parr.
  • KigusiuqJanetWomanInLabour

    Woman in Labour

    Linda Grussani takes a closer look at one of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council’s rejected prints: “Woman in Labour” by Janet Kigusiuq.
  • QumaalukLeahManAndWOmanGoingAfterWalrus

    Man and Woman Going After Walrus

    Richard Murdoch takes a closer look at one of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council’s rejected prints: “Man and Woman Going after Walrus” by Leah Qumaaluk.
  • PootoogookNapachieWalrusSurprisesHunter

    Walrus Surprises Hunter

    Heather Campbell takes a closer look at one of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council’s rejected prints, “Walrus Surprises Hunter” by Napachie Pootoogook.
  • EgotakHarryBirthofJesus

    Birth of Jesus

    Alysa Procida takes a closer look at one of the Canadian Eskimo Arts Council’s rejected prints, “Birth of Jesus” by Harry Egotak.
  • IsumaTheJournalsOfKnudRasmussenCastReading

    National Gallery of Canada Announces Curators for 58th Venice Biennale

    The National Gallery of Canada (NGC) has confirmed that the Canada Pavilion will be curated by a team composed of Asinnajaq, Catherine Crowston, Josée Drouin-Brisebois, Barbara Fischer and Candice Hopkins.
  • IsumaSaputi(FishTraps)2

    From an Inuk Point of View

    Reflecting on a trip North in the early 1990s, a curator and writer delves into Isuma’s legacy, their presentation of time and what the collective’s work means for us all.
  • MaijaTailfeathersElleBihttos (Rebel)Still2

    Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers' Rebel Love Story

    Blackfoot and Sámi writer, director, producer and actor Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers’ 2014 film tells the story of her parent’s activism as well as the legacies of intergenerational and familial trauma through their radical, rebel love.
  • VanHeuvelenCouzynUntitled

    Couzyn van Heuvelen Short-Listed for Public Art Project

    A bold and graphic nod to the history of Inuit printmaking by Bowmanville-based sculptor and installation artist Couzyn van Heuvelen is among the five short-listed proposal for the Glen Road Pedestrian Tunnel public art project.
  • RememberingOurWays_Opener_hr

    Remembering Our Ways

    Iglulik-based collectives Isuma and Arnait Video Productions harness the power of film to retain, recall and preserve collective memory, significantly contributing to the revitalization of culture and language.
  • AggiuqArnaquqBarilAletheaTunniitRetracingTheLinesOfInuitTattoosStill

    Tracing the Lines of Alethea Aggiuq Arnaquq-Baril's Tunniit

    Through the lens of the 2011 film “Tunniit: Retracing the Lines of Inuit Tattoos,” Writer, producer and director Stacey Aglok revisits the Iqaluit-based filmmakers practice that has become a living, breathing process.
  • NurakiKoperqualukGabrielFractalRiverStill

    Gabriel Nuraki Koperqualuk

    Multidisciplinary artist and filmmaker Gabriel Nuraki Koperqualuk has spent his career connecting to his Nunavimmiut identity while living and producing art in an urban centre.
  • HansenAka(GreenlandFilmMakers)HalfandHalfStill

    Aka Hansen

    While much of Hansen’s work is made with a Greenlandic audience in mind, her experimental shorts and horror features have garnered just as much attention from international viewers.
  • GauthierBillyNarwhalHunt

    Spirit Wrestler Gallery to Close its Doors this October

    Vancouver’s Spirit Wrestler Gallery is closing its doors to the public this October. Founded in 1995, the gallery became well-known for showcasing the work of a host of leading Indigenous artists from across Canada and beyond.
  • BathoryLaakkulukWilliamsonPhotocreditJeremyMimnagh

    Inuit Artists to Perform at 2019 Festival Internacional Cervantino

    Among Festival Internacional Cervantino’s 2019 line-up are a number of Inuit artists including a Polaris Prize-nominated musician and a Dora award-winning multidisciplinary artist.
  • AveryKatieDoaneGently,JenniferStill3

    Katie Doane Avery

    From intimate family dramas to a steam punk, alt-historical epic, Iñupiaq filmmaker Katie Doane Avery’s category-defying stories continue to challenge the stereotypical tropes that often pervade narrative filmmaking.
  • FolgerMosha(FolgerTulugaqProductions)IgluAngirraqStill

    Mosha Folger

    Films have been an integral part of Mosha Folger’s life since he can remember. From documentaries to music videos, the director captures the numerous social, economic and political issues facing those living throughout the Arctic.
  • ArnaitVideoProductions+IsumaRestlessRiverStill

    Arnait and Isuma’s Latest Co-Production Coming This Fall

    Set in Nunavik shortly after World War II, Restless River (2019) is based off Gabrielle Roy’s 1970 novel Windflower.